Supply conditions

We also know Delivery conditions. You can also download / view the service document. This is an important document describing the method of cooperation. The type of service document depends on the service you purchase:

Pension service document

Service document for death insurance

Service document capital / annuity

Eric de Bruijn Pensioenconsultancy has a license with the AFM under number 12015059.

Our remuneration policy:

Our company policy is aimed at ensuring that we can only serve the interests of our clients at all times. We therefore work with a fixed salary per month with holiday allowance. There are therefore no (financial) incentives that will work to the detriment of our clients. With this we conform to the Financial Supervision Act and we are in line with articles 1:117, 1:119 and 1:120 Wft.

Eric de Bruijn Pensioenconsultancy also endorses the General Data Protection Regulation. Appropriate measures have been taken, such as a Register processing personal data, protocol reporting duty data leaks, the security of data via our service provider of cloud services and taking out cyber insurance.